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If you are being hassled by a foreclosure suit, don’t delay! Call in the foreclosure defense professionals at Castle Law Group.

Ignoring a notice of foreclosure will not make it go away!
The importance of acting immediately cannot be overstated. There are a multitude of additional risks you are taking by not acting. You have rights in this suit, so please entrust our team of experienced professionals to help get you back on track.

Don’t be fooled by foreclosure rescue companies.
Like the banking industry, the focus here is making money. Call on an attorney who has supervised thousands of foreclosures and has the vast experience you need in your first line of defense against these entities.

Life happens. Please know that you will be treated with respect and dignity.

Act now. Call the Castle Law Group:

You are not alone. Many folks are facing foreclosure today.
People of all incomes and walks of life are finding themselves, on average, $150,000 upside down and facing foreclosure.

Banking industry professional turned defense attorney.
Remember, we used to work in the banking industry. We know and understand the risks and harassment techniques you are enduring. Don’t give up. There are procedures you can follow for your defense.

Put our background to work for you. Let’s save your home and get you back in the black.

Don’t wait a minute longer.
Call Castle Law Group
at 727-536-8882 to arrange for your FREE consultation.

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